Sunday, August 16, 2009


So hot here we are melting. Sylvia naps under shade tree.
Made more inroads to Boston and area in the last few days.
A generous farmer gave Sylvia a pint of raspberries at the Waltham Farmer's Market yesterday. We happened across the Market as we were taking the slow road to Boston where we stopped and bought a lunch of paysan bread and a very good local sharp cheddar to eat at the shady Common across the way. Spent the rest of the afternoon exploring JP and the Harvard Arboretum. Sylvia immediately loved the Arboretum which is basically a very big walled garden with lots of paths and trees and some people with kids and dogs. We lay under some kind of Cork tree whilst Sylvia ran to and fro with a couple of sticks. She must have run a mile. Seems okay to be in Big Bad Boston sometimes. I like the Arboretum and can imagine spending lots of time there.

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